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9 large pieces

Hazelnut cream Brownies

4 persons

One pan Lemon chicken and Orzo

4 persons

Mushroom and broccoli Farfalle

4 persons

One-Pot spaghetti with spinach and tomatoes

20 balls

Quinoa and lentil “meat” balls

4 persons

Superfood pasta

4 persons

Truffle Mac n’ Cheese

4 persons

Penne with peas and smoked pork (lountza)

20 persons

Yiayia Corinna’s Vassilopitta (New year’s sponge cake)

1 cake

One-Bowl Chocolate Cake

15 rolls

Cinnamon Rolls

4 persons

Cacio e pepe pasta

6 persons

Cannelloni with pumpkin cream and sage

30-40 bites

Oatmeal and chocolate bites

12-15 muffins

Broccoli and cheese muffins

4 persons

Fried tortellini with marinara sauce

5-6 persons

Orzotto with cherry tomatoes

4 persons

Rigatoni with ricotta and peas

6 persons

Salmon Lasagne

3-4 persons

Tagliatelle with prawns and avocado cream

4 persons

Conchiglie with sausage and cream

24 pieces

Mrs Lenia’s oven baked Halva

4 persons

Zucchini Pasta

4 pizzas

Crispy Pizza

4 persons

Thai prawn and broccoli noodles

4 persons

Whole wheat pasta with red wine and veggies

10 rolls

Aubergine rolls stuffed with bulgur and herbs

3-4 persons

Cannelloni with artichoke and spinach filling

5 persons

Creamy Rigatoni with cauliflower and sundried tomatoes

1 loaf

Lemon Bread with poppy seeds

4 persons

Penne with cherry tomatoes and herb butter

8 burgers

Quinoa burgers with beans and halloumi

4 persons

Wheat salad with lentils and spinach pesto

4 persons

Canelloni with tomato sauce and anari cheese

6 persons

Quinoa crust quiche

4-5 persons

Spaghetti with prawns and coriander pesto

8 Spring rolls

Vietnamese spring rolls with quinoa

6 persons

Orzotto with mushrooms, spinach and pesto

4 persons

Pasta with baby shrimps and red sauce

4 persons

Pasta with chicken and yellow pepper sauce

4 persons

Pennine with smoked salmon, vodka and capers

3 persons

Wheat and tuna salad

70 cookies

Zooullas Christmas cookies (Kourabiedes)

5 persons

Vegan spaghetti Bolognese

4 persons

Fusilli with roasted cherry tomatoes and feta

1 person

Wholewheat Orzo and Beet Salad

20 servings

Coconut Cake

2 persons

Greek Orzo Salad

2 persons

Lemon Rocket Penne

4 persons

Creamy farfalle with salmon and mustard