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Mission Statement

Our Aim: To maintain the leadership position in the Cyprus Pasta & Flour industry and further expand our operations globally.

Our Commitment: The maintaining of Total Quality Management through systematic and continuous training of our personnel, the employment of modern technology in our production, sales and administration facilities and the constant revision and improvement of our internal organizational procedures and methods.

Our dedication: To enhance our shareholders value through strategic alliances and quick adaption to change that will increase the company's profitability.

General Information

It all started in 1932, when brothers Chrysostomos and Costas Mitsides bought a traditional stone mill in the old part of Nicosia. This was the beginning of an ongoing path of excellence and quality, which passed down from generation to generation. In the decades that followed, this small family business flourished into the largest and most experienced flour and pasta manufacturer in Cyprus.
Today Mitsides dominates the Cyprus market, enjoying an impressive 98% brand awareness on the island, and commanding equally impressive shares of around 40% and 50% in the local pasta and flour markets respectively. Moreover, Mitsides products are successfully spreading to overseas markets, earning international acclaim.
Apart from its main line of business which is the production and sale of flour and pasta, the company is also active in grain trading, the sale of pasta sauces, processed tomato products, frozen foods and other foodstuffs, as well as the sale of raw materials for the baking and confectionery industries.

With offices and production units in Nicosia, Dhali and Aradippou and regional offices and distribution centers in all main cities of Cyprus, Mitsides locally employs around 160 people, including qualified personnel in Production, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Food Technology and Quality Control. Mitsides also operates a fully owned Flourmill, Pasta and bakery Factory in Serbia, covering the Serbian and nearby markets. 

Group Structure

The Mitsides Group consists of Mitsides Public Company Ltd, which since 2001 owns Larnaca Flourmills Zenon Ltd, after the 100% takeover of Zenon's holding company Blue Azul Investments Ltd. In addition, since 2010 Mitsides Public Company Ltd owns 100% of the shares of Serbian company Mitsides Point D.o.o. 

Group Structure

Board of Directors and other Officers

Listed in the Cyprus Stock Exchange since 2007, the company is governed by a Board of Directors, composed of executive and independent, non-executive members. The company adopts the Corporate Governance Code of the Cyprus Stock Exchange (2002).

Constantinos P. Mitsides Board Chairman and Managing Director
Chrysostomos P. Mitsides Executive Director
Stelios Chr. Mitsides Executive Director
Alexandros Lysandrou Executive Director
Marios. Ph. Demetriades Executive Director
Nikolas Ph. Epifaniou Non-Executive Director
Achilleas L. Demetriades Non-Executive Director
Stephos Stephanides Independent, non-Executive Director


Company Secretary

Marios. Ph. Demetriades Nikiforos Fokas Avenue 34 – 38, P.O. Box 21778, 1513 Nicosia, Cyprus

Registered Office

Nikiforos Fokas Avenue 34 – 38, 
P.O. Box 21778, 1513 
Nicosia, Cyprus