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Mission Statement

Our Aim: To maintain the leadership position in the Cyprus Pasta & Flour industry and further expand our operations globally.

Our Commitment: The maintaining of Total Quality Management through systematic and continuous training of our personnel, the employment of modern technology in our production, sales and administration facilities and the constant revision and improvement of our internal organizational procedures and methods.

Our dedication: To enhance our shareholders value through strategic alliances and quick adaption to change that will increase the company's profitability.

Cyprus Operations

The company is active mainly in Cyprus, where its operations fall under three main divisions:

Flourmills Division:

Mitsides owns 14 grain silos of a total capacity of 20,000 tons and operates two Flourmills, one in the centre of Nicosia and one in Aradippou Industrial Area in Larnaca. Both are combined mills that can handle all kinds of wheat, soft, hard and durum, as well as other cereals. With a total milling capacity of 260 metric tons per day, they produce a wide range of quality flours, such as culinary flours, bread making flours, village and wholewheat flours, semolinas and by-products such as bran and fine bran. Mitsides also owns two fully automated Mixing Plants, unique to Cyprus, which offers  substantial flexibility to the company, by producing an extensive line of specialized flours and ready mixes, such as multicereal, multigrain, wholewheat flours, tsoureki mixes and many others, in packages of 1 to 25 kilos, which may cater for every need.

Pasta & Related Products Division:

The Mitsides Pasta Factory was built in 1989 in Dhali Industrial zone, using all state of the art Italian technology and produces a wide range of both dry and fresh / frozen pasta products, such as traditional Cyprus ravioli. In addition, the company also distributes under the Mitsides brand name a wide range of related products, that include dry tortellini products, pasta sauces, processed tomato products and bulgur wheat. Following relevant agreements with international companies, Mitsides also exclusively imports and distributes a wide range of rice and pulses of the leading Greek company Agrino.

Professional Products Division:

For twenty years now, Mitsides also imports and distributes a very wide range of raw materials, equipment and other professional products for the Bakery, Confectionery and other food industries, using a separate distribution network. These professional products include improvers and mixes for the baking and confectionery industries, margarines, vegetable creams, glazes, chocolates and chocolate decorations, gelato mixes, bases, sugar based products such as sugarpaste, icings, marzipan, cake decoration moulds and cutters, decorating colours, jellies and sprinkles, etc. Mitsides is now the exclusive distributor for leading brands like Puratos, Belcolade and Leman of Belgium, PreGel, Pavoni, Laped, Tedesco and Novacart of Italy and Barbara Luicjkx of Holland.