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Andreas Kavazis

Andreas Kavazis was born in Nicosia in August 1987 and is the eldest of four children of the Kavazis family. From a very young age, he knew that he wanted to spend his life cooking and experimenting with flavors. Focused on his goal, he graduated from the hospitality department of the Technical School in Nicosia and later the Higher Hotel Institute of Cyprus. He has completed the following degrees: Culinary Arts, Fundamentals of Nutrition, Fundamentals of Food Hygiene, Fundamentals of HACCP. With his studies at the University of Derby in the UK, he received his degree: CULINARY ARTS AND EVENTS MANAGEMENT DEGREE. After completing his studies, he returned to Cyprus and became more active in the hotel and food industry. At the age of 28 he also excelled as a professor of cookery and pastry at the Higher Hotel Institute of Cyprus. Following his participation in "Master Chef 2", he was given TV opportunities in Cyprus which included his own cooking show called “Smart Flavors” and “A Suitcase full of flavours”, where he has occasionally presented. In May 2017 he was invited to Athens to join the world famous Akis Petrentziki and his show "Ready Steady Cook" along with other remarkable chefs. Today Andreas is the owner of SweetArt by Kavazis confectionery boutique, collaborates with the publishing group "Phileleftheros" and presents the cooking program on the show "With love Christiana".

Afrodite's Kitchen

Christina Loucas is a recipe developer, food photographer and creator of the popular food blog called “Afrodite’s Kitchen”. She specializes in simple, delicious recipes for a modern cook with a Cypriot touch. She is known for her beautiful food photography and for promoting traditional Cypriot food internationally through her writing and television appearances. She has a regular column in Taste Magazine. Her first international cookbook is due out in 2017. Before pursuing her love of food and photography, she obtained a law degree from Oxford University, as well as a BSc in Government and Economics from the LSE and practiced law for 6 years in London, England. Her passion for cooking comes from growing up in the restaurant business in Canada. Her dad was a successful restaurateur, and her mom a successful pastry chef with a focus on wedding cakes. She has an intermediate WSET certificate. She enjoys visiting her mother’s village in the Cypriot countryside, generally making a mess in her kitchen and growing her mismatched collection of kitchenware and cookbooks. She can usually be found cooking with her always-hungry pug by her feet, and photographing her food! Website, Instagram, Facebook


Galatia is a Cypriot mom of three boys who spends most of her time in the kitchen. Her grandfather was a chef and perhaps this is where her passion for cooking comes from. She has a wonderful mom and a lovely sister with whom she shares the same passion and whenever they meet in the kitchen, the real fun begins. When they meet for coffee at her Mom’s, her Dad quietly leaves the room and lets them go on for hours, sharing recipes and coming up with new ones. She is a graphic designer by profession, but decided to quit her job after baby number one arrived. Actually it was number one and two together! Twins. She still loves to create so she started decorating cakes for fun, which eventually turned into a part time profession. So she started “Cloud 9 Cakes”. ( Every month she writes recipes for a local cooking magazine, “Taste” and that gives her the incentive to create new things and experiment with new ingredients. She started her blog, as she always shares her recipes with great joy.

Stephania Mitsides

Stephania is a member of the fourth generation of Mitsides Public Company Ltd. Since she was young she had a special relationship with cooking and specifically with pasta! After nine years abroad –where she often cooked for herself and friend- she returned to Cyprus in 2010 and joined the marketing department of her family business. She spends her free time in the kitchen trying out various recipes and loves uploading photos of her food on Instagram.

Kimon Georgiou


Christos Philippou