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Mission Statement

Our Aim: To maintain the leadership position in the Cyprus Pasta & Flour industry and further expand our operations globally.

Our Commitment: The maintaining of Total Quality Management through systematic and continuous training of our personnel, the employment of modern technology in our production, sales and administration facilities and the constant revision and improvement of our internal organizational procedures and methods.

Our dedication: To enhance our shareholders value through strategic alliances and quick adaption to change that will increase the company's profitability.

Beyond the Cyprus Market

Having secured its predominance in the Cyprus market, Mitsides has made a clear strategic decision to grow by expanding abroad, both through the increase of exports and through expanding its productive operations abroad. 

Mitsides flour and pasta are the only Cypriot branded flour and pasta products to be sold abroad. Export destinations for Mitsides products include the United Kingdom, Greece, Serbia, USA, Australia, Japan, Lebanon, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The largest share of exports consists of flour exports and mainly flour exported to Pizza Hut restaurants in the Arab Gulf and the Middle East. These exports were the result of Mitsides becoming one of the approved international flour suppliers for Pizza Hut’s parent company Yum!Brands Inc., about 20 years ago, following a 2-year period of thorough examination and approval of its quality, hygiene, and safety standards. 

World Acclaim
This partnership with Pizza Hut International brought great world acclaim to Mitsides, as the company earned a string of awards as “Pizza Hut Supplier of the Year”, on 5 separate occasions, based on criteria of quality, hygiene, service and sales. This distinction helped Mitsides win additional business from Pizza Hut franchisees in many other markets in South Asia and the Far East. Mitsides has recently obtained similar collaborations with other multinationals, which further expanded its international acclaim clientele.

As a result of rapid and sustained expansion in recent years, the company now derives around 14% of its total sales from exports. 


Expansion in Serbia   

Apart from exports development, the company recently made a very important strategic move towards the foreign expansion of its operations, through the 100% acquisition of a Serbian company, active in the production of flour, pasta and bakery products, as well as the trading of grains. The Company, which is now managed by Mitsides under the name of Mitsides Point D.o.o., already owns 2 flour mills of a total milling capacity of 230 tons/day, grain silos of a storing capacity of 40,000 tons, a fresh pasta factory, a bakery plant and bakery sales outlets, as well as a recently constructed, modern dry pasta factory, of a total daily capacity of 48,000kg. All plants are situated in Sremska Mitrovica, within the Vojvodina granary, an area close to Belgrade, near the borders to Croatia and Bosnia and not far from the borders to Hungary and Rumania. 
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